Big truck violation overtaking broken Bianjing Yellow River pontoon two cars fall into the river (Figure)

The bridge deck on the south side of the pontoon is pushed into the water by another large truck
Part of the body of the truck is still in the water on the morning of October 18, Dahe newspaper reporter received the masses to reflect the Kaifeng Bianjing Yellow River pontoon occurred on a traffic accident, two large trucks will be broken after the pontoon fell into the Yellow River. The scene of a large truck over another truck, the pontoon was overwhelmed by the reporter immediately after the rushed to the rice town in the north of the Bianjing Yellow River pontoon, all the way to see the middle of the pontoon parked a red truck, the other side of the river still stay A large truck waiting for a river across the river. Approaching a look, the bridge on the south side of the pontoon near the river bank was pressed into the water by another large truck, the front of the truck had been pulled out, the empty carriage was still in the water, and several workers were removing the sand from the truck Thrown into the Yellow River. On the banks of the river, the steel pavement stretched out of the pontoon was raised tall, and a large forklift was using a wire rope to drag the car in the river. According to the crowd introduced, the accident occurred at two in the morning, when three large trucks have boarded the pontoon, one of the overtaking and another large truck side by side, the results of the pontoon overwhelmed by the pressure, trucks and bridges at the same time Into the water, with the rear of the big truck brakes less, the front also fell into the water. "The car is loaded with sand, the weight of a car at least a hundred tons, once through a ok, too much pontoon certainly can not bear." A crowd of old friends said that the pontoon every day after Many of these heavy trucks, generally loaded with sand and other building materials, at every turn hundreds of tons. Reporters in the vicinity of the driver found a car overtaking accident caused by the driver Liu, confirmed the old man's argument. Reporters on the bridge to see the management department announced the "bridge", the above clearly stipulates that "vehicles and pedestrians to obey the command of the staff, according to the order to enter the pontoon each line, not robbed, retrograde, forced, overtaking, U-turn. Forbidden dangerous goods vehicles, overload trucks, through the pontoon. "In addition," Bridge Notice "is also printed on the warning signs, signs show that the pontoon weight limit of 120 tons, 10 tons per axis limit. But Liu told reporters that he was in the pontoon before, and did not see the staff, and no one to guide and management. Why does the pontoon bridge become a "green channel" for heavy goods vehicles? It is understood that the Yellow River pontoon was originally intended to facilitate the needs of the masses of the two sides of the Yellow River, but since the establishment of the pontoon, and gradually become some heavy trucks "green channel", many from Xinxiang and other Lhasa heavy truck for Dora run, Choose to take the Yellow River pontoon to shorten the itinerary, the weight of these heavy trucks are in the tens of tons or hundreds of tons, not only to the safety of the pontoon threat, but also on the beach area environment and embankment road hazards. In order to regulate the management of the pontoon, the province since 2003, the implementation of the "Henan Province, the management approach to the pontoon", which clearly states: prohibit more than the pontoon limited tonnage of vehicles, overrun overload vehicles through the pontoon. Pontoon transport enterprises should stop the ban on heavy-duty vehicles and transport flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods vehicles through the pontoon, and the implementation of bicycles through the pontoon. Board safety management personnel should conduct on-site command. (Reporter Zhou Bin intern Xi Xiao Chao)

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