District owners do not buy parking spaces by hour charges developers said no consultation

District temporary parking by 10 yuan per hour charge
Experts advise that the public will be in the purchase of the parking spaces will be taken into account within the scope of the contractor and the developer signed a parking fee related to the service contract, visual Chinese data or 10 yuan per hour temporary parking standard fees, or spend 45 Million to 900,000 yuan to buy parking spaces. Living in the Huangpu Beach, the name of the owner reflects the residential property recently issued parking fees are too overbearing, there are forced to buy parking spaces suspect. In the survey, the newspaper found that since last year the country to open parking service fee, many of the owners of Shanghai have encountered community parking fees "make things difficult." Huangpu District Development and Reform Commission said that the release of the price does not mean that developers can be "headstrong", still need to negotiate with the owners. Developers: do not buy parking spaces can not be monthly This month in April, Miss Yang received a message from the property "on May 3 from the library began to charge, do not buy parking spaces by way of charge." Charges notice, District temporary parking by 10 yuan per hour charge, a single stop 5 hours cap. Although a single 50 yuan cap, but out of the district that is counted once, repeat the number of times not capped. According to this calculation, Miss Yang sooner or later pick up the children with grocery shopping, about three times a day, one month down to pay about 4,500 yuan parking fee. Property said that according to the provisions of the developers, there is no monthly lease policy, or stop, or buy parking spaces, the price from 450,000 to 90,000 range, after the purchase of 200 yuan per month to pay the service fee. Comparison of the surrounding area, Ms. Yang found that the two ways to stop the price are much higher, the district owners have said that can not accept. Developer Dongnan real estate manager said, developers have parking spaces, the current parking policy is: either stop or buy, is still in the discussion of the rental policy is only for the purchase of parking spaces, and need to use the second parking spaces of the owners, Will not open to the owners who have not purchased the parking spaces. Reporters asked him in the name of the owners, publicity should be negotiated with the owners of the price? He asked: "This also need to negotiate?" A number of owners confirmed that the current district only stay in more than 40 households, yet set up the industry committee, before the pricing and did not communicate with the owners. In order to avoid the high parking fees, the current residents of Huangpu Beach, a number of residents reluctantly choose to go around to find parking spaces. At the same time, the newspaper hotline connected to a number of residential residents reflect a similar problem. Minhang Zhuanqiao Longsheng International Plaza owners reflect that due to dissatisfaction with the developer "either stop or buy a parking space" approach, the district owners have anger and blocked the door. Development and Reform Commission: developers can not be too "wayward" in the face of the recent frequent parking disputes, experts from the Shanghai housing construction system that there are two reasons, the most important thing is that this policy in the two sides agreed to give the operator more discourse , Because the developer is the owner of the parking spaces, has been buyers in the price negotiations in the absolute vulnerability. Followed by Shanghai because of the shortage of parking spaces, supply and demand caused by the price rise, the two factors superimposed, making some developers in the process of profit "more headstrong." Huangpu District Housing Authority official said, although the district parking service fee is released, but still need to follow the "developers discretion pricing, and agreed with the owners" principle. If there is no consultation, the two sides have objections to the price, the relevant government departments can intervene, build a platform to facilitate the two sides reach an agreement. Huangpu District Development and Reform Commission also said that the abolition of pricing does not mean that the price of these services or commodities to let go, will continue to strengthen supervision, and urge the operators to do price tag, charges publicity, strict investigation of price fraud and price monopoly. It is understood that by the government departments involved in the final solution to the problem is indeed precedent: in May last year, a real estate in Central have also been unilaterally announced by the developers of the daily limit by the owners of the opposition, and ultimately in the Housing Authority, Price Bureau involved, the developer temporarily Stop the price measures, and finally agreed on the price. Lawyers: forced owners to buy parking spaces were unfair National Development and Reform Commission, "on the further improvement of motor vehicle parking charges policy guidance," pointed out that the natural monopoly and public welfare characteristics of the parking facilities service charges, the need for government pricing management, To be included in the local pricing catalog, clear management authority, standard pricing methods and procedures, effective restraint of government pricing behavior. So, the district parking spaces are affiliated facilities of the district, whether it has public welfare attributes? Shanghai New Ancient House Wanted lawyers believe that the planning of the parking spaces belonging to the developer, planning, such as occupation of roads or other new parking spaces belong to the owners of all. The former may be discretionary pricing, the latter charges are subject to the consent of most owners. I hope that the price of parking spaces in the district does not mean that the parking spaces are not legally binding because the owners and developers are still a special contractual relationship and should determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the principle of fairness, The use of the advantages of developers to force owners to buy high-priced parking spaces, which is obviously unfair. In addition, civil law also prohibits the abuse of rights, unfair pricing will damage the rights of owners. Experts suggest that, in view of the tight parking spaces, the public is best in the purchase of parking spaces will be taken into account within the scope of the contract with the developer signed a parking fee related to the contract can effectively avoid the weak position in the negotiations.

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