Men hit the BMW hit their own factory workers in the vehicle speed is relatively fast

At that time BMW speed faster
April 1 evening, Yiwu a BMW X4 to a couple killed, the tragedy was only 4 days, Ching Ming Festival that night, Dachen town and some people killed the funeral wheel, and the accident, is a BMW M3 The Drove the BMW, he hit the plane factory workers are speeding, whether drunk driving? Is it suspected of illegal modification? This is the rumors of rumors rumors everywhere, the traffic police to answer this reporter three questions are crossing the road aunt was red BMW car hit more than 20 meters Da Chen Avenue two-way four-lane, is one of the main road town of Dachen, this traffic The accident occurred in the unity of the village section. Yesterday afternoon, 2:00, Qianjiang Evening News reporter arrived at the incident. Ms. Chen operating the supermarket in the vicinity of the incident that day at 8 o'clock, she suddenly heard the "bang" soon, followed by a harsh brake sound. The intersection of the accident, Ms. Chen quickly ran to the door, saw a license plate number for the Zhejiang G007 ** red BMW car, hit a crossing the road aunt. "Aunt lying on the ground motionless, BMW's front windshield hit a big hole." Near the villagers said, when the BMW speed faster, the people hit fly out a long way away. There was a monitoring at the junction: at 8:15 pm and 10 seconds, there were not many vehicles coming and going, but the speed was a bit faster. A middle-aged man was carrying a big bag and crossing the road to the north. zebra crossing. 8:15 pm 19 seconds, middle-aged man went to the intersection of the central, suddenly stopped, and to his right front to see, as if what was scared. 8:15 pm 20 seconds, middle-aged man's line of sight direction, a direction from east to west to the town of red BMW car into the screen. The same direction, but also fly into a pedestrian, 360 ° in the air after a lap, the head and the first body on the ground, heavily fell on the cement road. At that time, the BMW car quickly, despite the rush into the screen in the brake slowdown, but still rushed out in front of twenty or thirty meters to stop. The driver admitted the speed faster than the road looked at both sides did not pay attention to the front Then, Qianjiang Evening News reporter to Yiwu traffic police department to verify the deceased surnamed Wang, Guizhou, 63 years old this year. BMW front of the middle of the right side, hit Wang directly, and Wang was hit fly more than 20 meters, fell near the zebra line, died on the spot. After the accident, Wang's husband rushed to the scene, he recognized, killed his wife's owner is their boss Chen, the couple are working in his business, his wife is just this year. Police introduction, BMW M3 owners are Yiwu big town people, there is a local clothing company, this car is to buy his son. The current son is not in the country, that night is Chen own car. Chen did admit that his speed was faster, about two seconds before the incident, he looked to the left side of the road side of the store, neglect the front of the situation. At present, Chen has been the police control, the accident is still under investigation. For this accident, Yiwu local has a lot of rumors, some people say that the BMW car is modified, and some people questioned the owner drunk driving, when the speed at least 120 yards. To this end, yesterday Qianjiang Evening News reporter asked the traffic police. 1, whether the BMW speeding? For the network "speed of 120 yards," informed police said the incident is located in the township, speed limit 40 yards, when the BMW speed is indeed faster, but not 120 yards. Monitoring screen display, but also the speed of the BMW car hit the person, the incident instantaneous specific speed, yet to be further testing. 2, BMW owners whether drunk driving? After the incident, Chen admitted that the day at noon, he drank a small amount of wine at home. "The police said that accompanied by the families of the deceased, Chen made a blood test, the results show that blood alcohol content of 17mg / 100ml, did not reach the drunk driving." The police said that the driver did not obvious wine, but still the first time to check. standard. 3, BMW is illegally modified? "The appearance of the vehicle can not be changed and must be consistent with the photo taken at the time of registration." Jinhua Che Kwun police said that the BMW car tail added a little, the tires were changed, the front position also made the decoration. But the police said that although the BMW car modified, but for the accident itself, these modifications are not the key. Dachen Avenue accident multiple: three years, one year killed a reporter noted that the two sides of the Chen Avenue focused on a lot of businesses, factories, coming and going passers-by, the vehicle is very much, although the intersection clearly marked zebra crossing, or not Less passers-by easy to cross the road directly. Area traffic police squadron police said, Da Chen Avenue full speed limit of 40 yards, due to good traffic, the vehicle is relatively small, the speed is easy to reach more than 60 yards. An old police admitted that Dacheng Avenue has been transformed many times, the middle of the road there are guardrails, because the villagers on both sides of the road is not convenient, and later removed. In recent years, the traffic police department has also increased the zebra crossing, slowdown belt, etc., but traffic accidents or frequent, "three years, the death of a year.

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